What Kurazou wants to cherish it is "bond"
While relaxing I want you to deepen your bonds with our customers
Because the connection between people is irreplaceable,
I would be pleased if you could deepen your ties with the staff

Shinhidakatwon Mitsuishi with "Mitsuishi Konbu Onsen Kurazo" is located in the Hidaka district of Hokkaido and has a lot of kelp catch, Mitsuishi kombu is famous.
In July and August we can see the kelp catch.
Mitsuishi beef of local production are rated A5 rank.
There are plenty of fish and shellfish from maehama and Tsubu and Matsukawa clay are famous.
In Kurazous dinner, I use seasoning of Mitsuishi kombu soup stock.
We offer fresh seafood and Mitsuishi beef.
It is approximately 2 hours (130 km) by car from New Chitose Airport, and the drive while watching the Pacific Ocean is the best.
In early May, a cherry blossom trees on the 20 roads of Shinhisakatwon Shizunai are in full bloom and a lot of people visit.
Shinhidaka twon is cool in summer and less in snow in winter.
Please come to Hidaka district. We are waiting.


I stuck with seasonal ingredients
Taste every season
Please enjoy

Hot spring

While listening to the Pacific wave
I look at the sunset and the starry sky
Enjoy the Kurazou yu around


Apart from everyday life
Forget the time
It is healed by Hidaka road